Employee-Directed Grants

Employee-directed grants rely on shared decision-making to meet regional needs in the communities where Ares operates globally. GRDCs in the U.S., Europe and Asia help identify and vet nonprofits for grant consideration, carefully review their proposed work and determine funding decisions. The GAC supports regional committees in these efforts.

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Personal Finance
Career Preparation & Reskilling

Co-Creating a Better Future Through the CoGenerate Challenge

It is no secret that our world is rocked by crises no generation can handle alone, and we really believe age-diverse teams create better solutions.

Eunice Lin Nichols, Co-CEO, CoGenerate

Improving Outcomes for UK Youth: Youth Jobs Gap 2

We want a society where your background does not determine your life outcomes as a young person.

Steven Haines, Director of Public Affairs, Impetus

Increasing Economic Mobility Among Low-Income Women in Singapore

When women are not always in survival mode, they will be better able to sustain employment, build a safety net, and just have more breathing space to plan and create a better future for their families.

Fannie Lim, Executive Director, Daughters of Tomorrow