How We Achieve Distinctiveness Through Grantmaking

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Our Board of Directors and employee-directed grantmaking committees determine what we fund and act as strategy overseers.

We award grants for initiatives that provide career preparation and reskilling, encourage entreneurship and deepen individuals’ understanding of personal finances.

We provide our grantees technical assistance that further engages Ares team members through volunteerism, mentorship and board participation.

We share the results of our grants through diverse media and multiple communications channels to raise awareness for our partner organizations’ important work.

We learn with — and from — our grantees and we strive to be the caliber of thought leader and partner that they need and deserve.

We collect, analyze and report data on grant outputs and outcomes to help inform our practice, the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors, and our industry peers.

Empowered Governance
Portfolio Diversification
Extensive Support
Compelling Storytelling
Knowledge Exchange
Impact Measurement